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96th Annual IAPPA Attractions Expo introduces new rides coming to Orlando
Date:2014-11-22   Views:1355

ORLANDO, Fla. —Residents in Orlando will be hearing about the future of tourism this week as people from around the world meet at the 96th Annual IAPPA Attractions Expo to talk about fun and games.

Orlando is often identified around the world as the theme park capital.

The annual Attractions Expo is the largest gathering for professionals in the attractions business, which is a $39.5 billion industry.

Big ideas are born and showcased at the expo by more than 1,000 exhibitors who represent 40 different countries.

Vendors are scheduled to show the most innovative rides, waterslides, games and food all week-long.

One of the many new attractions showcased is Slideboarding, which is said to be a waterslide version of Guitar Hero.

“It’s basically an interactive game experience that happens inside a waterslide,” said Aaron Mendelson, the project manager for Whitewater.

Whitewater, which is one of the largest waterslide manufacturers in the world, will feature its Slideboarding attraction at Wet ‘n Wild in Las Vegas, but Mendelson said he hopes to bring the slide to Orlando.

Industry leaders said they also plan to start a facility in January for budding innovators in Orlando to come up with their own attraction ideas.

"People that have great ideas, that are inspired to be in the amusement industry and are go-getters," said Chris Gray of Skylight Attractions.

The week-long expo is expected to have a $51 million impact on the Orlando area.

The showroom opens at 10 a.m. at the Orange County Convention Center starting on Tuesday, but it will not be open to the public.



Tel:020-85218160     38900542
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